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Airbag 3D vibration table (molding)

The molding airbag vibration table is a device used to vibrate and compact the sand around the yellow mold during sand embedding molding. It can achieve the vibration function of the model in the sand box and is an indispensable part of the lost foam casting process. This vibration table is mostly used in rigid production lines, using airbag lifting, cylinder clamping, and up and down detection functions. This vibration table can closely cooperate with the production line, ensuring the shape and operating rhythm of the production line.


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    Main technical parameters

    • Plate thickness: 16mm, 20mm steel plate welding production;
    • Vibration motor: 3 sets for vibration motors:
          Bottom vibration motor unit: 2 MV30-2 motors, maximum excitation force: 20KN, power: 2KW;
          Side vibration motor group 1:2 MV15-2 motors, maximum excitation force: 10KN, power: 1.3KW;
          Side vibration motor group 2: 2 MV15-2 motors, maximum excitation force: 10KN, power: 1.3KW;
    • Cylinder specifications: cylinder diameter 100mm, stroke 125mm;
    • Power requirements: AC power with rated power of 50Hz and rated voltage of 380V (deviation ± 5%);
    • Load: 6 tons;
    • Amplitude: 0.5mm Vibration acceleration: ≥ 1.0g;
    • Excitation force: can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric block
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    Product structure

    • Base (including air bag × 3);
    • Pillar × 4 sets (including jacking airbags × 4);
    • Upper seat (including upper platform and lifting bracket);
    • Cylinder combination × 4 sets;
    • Vibration motor × 6 units.

    Main functions and advantages

    Main function: used for vibrating sand in the sand box during molding on the production line.

    Airbag lifting and cylinder clamping sand box, maximizing the transmission of excitation force to the sand box.

    It has the function of frequency conversion adjustment, achieving the effect of adjusting the vibration force, and is used for vibration compaction with components of different structures and thicknesses.

    The PLC touch screen can store the vibration processes of various products, and can achieve one click operation according to different castings.

    The vibration table is treated with annealing process to eliminate welding internal stress.