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Bottom turnover hydraulic box flipping machine

Hydraulic box flipping machine is a equipment used in the production line of the casting field for box flipping, sand drop, and workpiece production. Due to its use of online box flipping and box flipping to complete the return of the sand box, it has the characteristics of fast box flipping frequency and high degree of automation.

The equipment uses hydraulic energy to convert into mechanical energy, achieving the operation of the equipment, with good environmental adaptability and stable operating effects; Adopting a bottomless hydraulic clamping flip box design, the clamping effect is better, the use is safer, and the structure is simpler.


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    Main technical parameters

    • Load≤4t/6t/7.5t;
    • Hydraulic station power: 11KW/15KW/18.5KW;
    • Pump station pressure ≤ 16Mpa;
    • Suitable sand box: net size 1200 × 800 × 700mm.
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    Product overview

    The hydraulic box flipping machine mainly consists of a flipping body, a base, a hydraulic cylinder, an oil circuit, an executing cylinder, and a box for the box flipping machine control.

    Main functions and advantages

    1. The use of hydraulic energy to convert into mechanical energy has the advantages of stable operation, strong environmental adaptability, convenient maintenance, and simple operation.

    2. The tilting cylinder body and clamping cylinder hydraulic system are equipped with hydraulic locks, which enable the equipment to stop and start in real-time during operation, avoiding various dangerous situations caused by sudden shutdown due to power failure. After the power failure is restored, the operation can be completed manually.

    3. The flipping body adopts a bottom clamping flipping box design, which is safer and more stable.

    4. Realizing online box flipping operation greatly saves the time required to lift the sand box off the operating line for box turnover operation without a box turnover machine.

    5. The control system is integrated into the operation control cabinet, and for the convenience of equipment operation, the control box can be placed nearby according to the equipment position.

    Equipment performance and characteristics

    The equipment adopts a double acting single rod piston type oil cylinder placed behind the flipping body, and the columns on both sides are connected to the flipping body through bearings, ensuring better stability during flipping, smoother operation, and more convenient installation.

    The sand box operates to the flipping position, and the proximity switch feedback signal is sent to the electric control cabinet. The clamping oil cylinder on the flipping body acts in place, the sand box is clamped, and the pump station outputs oil to the tilting oil cylinder. The flipping body and the sand box are tilted 120 ° with the base bearing as the center, and the molding sand and casting slide diagonally to the sand receiving part of the sand treatment system, and the casting is produced; After the molding sand is cleaned, the pump station supplies oil in reverse, the flipping body returns to its original position, the clamping oil cylinder is released, and the sand box operates to proceed with the next flipping action.