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Built-in sand temperature regulator

The built-in cooling device of the sand storage hopper is a cooling equipment for lost foam sand treatment, which absorbs heat through cooling water to cool the hot recycled sand to a certain temperature. The cooling device is installed inside the sand storage hopper, and its specifications and dimensions are matched with the sand storage hopper. It can fully utilize space and arrange cooling pipelines to achieve the best cooling effect.


    product display

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    Product structure

    The built-in cooling device of the sand storage hopper mainly consists of water jacket, cooling pipe, water outlet, water inlet, drainage outlet, and other parts.

    Cooling pipe: Adopting finned seamless steel pipe, which is high-frequency welded steel strip on the outer side of the seamless steel pipe, to increase the heat exchange area. During the molding sand cooling process, it fully contacts the water cooling pipe wall and heat dissipation fins, increasing the cooling speed and sand treatment amount.

    Product performance and advantages

    The cooling unit is evenly interlaced and densely covered with water-cooled pipes. During the cooling process of the molding sand, it fully contacts the wall of the water-cooled pipe, and the water inlet is below the equipment, while the water outlet is above the equipment, making the cooling water circulate inside the equipment for a long time and fully utilized.