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High pressure pulse feeding tank

The system uses compressed air to control the automatic charging gun of the high-pressure charging tank to inject the pre sent foam particles into the high-pressure charging tank, and the top pneumatic vent valve is closed. When the mold needs materials, control the mold feeding automatic material gun to inject foam particles into the mold cavity under high pressure, so that the beads are evenly distributed in the mold cavity, reducing white mold defects. After the filling is completed, the return action starts, and the remaining foam particles in the pipeline are returned to the charging tank for next use. Especially suitable for products with high precision requirements and relatively thin white molds without feeding seams.


    product display

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    Equipment technical parameters

    specification and model


    can-body volume


    can-body diameter


    feed diameter


    discharge diameter



    6 (controllable multi feeding gun)

    air pressure


    Product overview

    The high-pressure pulse feeding tank mainly consists of a pressure tank, a pressure regulating valve feeding valve, a vent valve, a feeding gun for the feeding tank, a discharge ball valve, and a feeding gun (equipped with a mold).

    Main functions and advantages

    High degree of automation, can be operated by one person and multiple machines, improving the production efficiency of the molding machine.

    Tight filling without dead corners. Can automatically change the feeding time and intermittent feeding time.

    Automatic material return, time parameters can be set independently, no resource waste.

    In lost foam casting, the surface finish of foam model is very important, and only with good foam model can a good casting be made. To make a smooth foam white mold, the special program of the molding machine and the feeding method play a key role. At present, most domestic foundries still use manual feeding to produce foam white mold, which requires molding machine operators to master certain operating techniques. Our company has independently developed a pulse feeding method based on the feeding principle of German equipment, which effectively solves the problem of mold feeding and improves the production efficiency and product quality of the forming machine.