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Hydraulic box pushing machine

This equipment is mainly used for the operation of sand boxes on the black area production line in the field of lost foam casting. It has the characteristics of fast pushing speed and large thrust. To prevent inertia forward caused by too fast pushing, an intermediate deceleration function is designed.


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    Main technical parameters

     ①Cylinder diameter φ 100/110/125/140/200, rod diameter 110mm, 502KN;

    ②Stroke 3700mm, nominal pressure: 16Mpa.

    Equipment structure

    The equipment mainly consists of a lower frame, a push box oil cylinder, and a combination of parallel double guide pillars.

    Product performance and characteristics

    ①Adopting hydraulic push box, it has the characteristics of high thrust, convenient maintenance, and low maintenance rate.

    ②Designed with intermediate deceleration function, it can effectively avoid the inertia movement of the sand box caused by excessive pushing speed.

    ③Equipped with automatic correction and positioning functions.