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Negative pressure auto butt-joint device

This device extracts the air between the sand particles in the specialized sand box through vacuum pumping, forming the sand particles in the sealed sand box, making the sand mold have a certain compactness, and the interior is in a vacuum negative pressure state. When pouring the mold, vacuuming can accelerate the exhaust speed and reduce the exhaust volume, reduce the interface pressure between the metal liquid and the model, accelerate the advancement speed of the metal liquid flow front, improve the filling ability of the liquid flow, and reduce the carbon black defects on the surface of the casting; It can also suppress the combustion of foam molding materials, promote their gasification, improve the environment, increase the fluidity and formability of the metal liquid, and make the casting contour clearer and more distinct.


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    Main technical parameters

    • ①Side Pull;
    • ②Telescopic cylinder model: SC-80 × 125-S-LB with magnetic ring;
    • ③The internal pipe size is φ 108mm;
    • ④The docking block is made of 30mm thick high-temperature resistant silicone, with a relatively soft hardness and good sealing performance of the docking sand box;
    • ⑤The docking stroke is 100mm;
    • ⑥Pneumatic butterfly valve valve control;
    • ⑦Overall size: 1100 × 300× 1250, specifically determined based on the negative pressure port of the sand box and the foundation.
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    Product structure

     ①Equipment framework;

    ②Docking device (including docking blocks and cylinders);

     ③Pneumatic butterfly valve;

    ④Black rubber tube;

     ⑤Negative pressure distributor.

    Main functions and advantages

    ①Function: Connect the negative pressure pipeline to the docking of the sand box (including telescopic guide sleeve).

    ②Connection method: By controlling the cylinder, the negative pressure system is connected to the sand box. The two systems of full pressure pouring and pressure maintaining after pouring are well connected, and each box can achieve automatic switching.

    ③The automatic docking device solves the problems of high labor intensity, low efficiency, and insecurity in manually connecting negative pressure pipelines and sand boxes for docking and separation.

     ④Adopting a structural form that ensures reliable fastening while docking. This docking device can quickly and effectively implement pipeline docking, and there is no air leakage after connection.