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Negative pressure distributor

The negative pressure distributor is used to connect the negative pressure unit with the sand box. The negative pressure distributor distributes the vacuum generated by the negative pressure unit reasonably, and then distributes it to each required vacuum point. Ensure the negative pressure inside the sand box during pouring, and equip it with a regulating valve and pressure gauge. Through the regulating valve, ensure that the negative pressure inside the sand box meets the pouring requirements, ensure that the box does not collapse or spray back, and ensure safe production.


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    Main technical parameters

      Side Pull/Bottom Pull;

      Telescopic cylinder model: SC-80 × 125-S-LB with magnetic ring;

      The internal pipe size is φ 108mm;

      The docking block is made of 30mm thick high-temperature resistant silicone, with a relatively soft hardness and good sealing performance of the docking sand box;

      The docking stroke is 100mm;

      Pneumatic butterfly valve valve control;

      Overall size: 1100 × 300× 1250, specifically determined based on the negative pressure port of the sand box and the foundation.


    Product Structure

    Equipment framework;

    Docking device (including docking blocks and cylinders);

    Pneumatic butterfly valve;

    Black rubber tube;

    Negative pressure distributor.

    Main functions and advantages

    Function: Connect the negative pressure pipeline to the docking of the sand box (including telescopic guide sleeve).

    Connection method: By controlling the cylinder, the negative pressure system is connected to the sand box. The two systems of full pressure pouring and pressure maintaining after pouring are well connected, and each box can achieve automatic switching.

    The automatic docking device solves the problems of high labor intensity, low efficiency, and insecurity in manually connecting negative pressure pipelines and sand boxes for docking and separation.

    Adopting a structural form that ensures reliable fastening while docking. This docking device can quickly and effectively implement pipeline docking, and there is no air leakage after connection.