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Plow unloader

The function of the plow unloader is to transport the molding sand from the middle of the belt conveyor to the lower conveying equipment. The start and stop of the plow unloader are automatically control

led by control signals.



    1、Main technical parameters

        ①Cylinder model: SC125-50; Cylinder diameter 125mm, stroke 50mm;
        ② Electromagnetic valve model: 4V 410-15-DC24V; Electromagnetic valve installation plate: made of 4mm thick steel plate (Q235);
        ③Main support frame: 10 # channel steel welded and formed; Discharging combination installation plate: made of 12mm thick steel plate (Q235);
        ④Cylinder connecting plate and discharger combination rotating plate: 20mm thick steel plate (Q235);
        ⑤Discharger combination plate: main steel plate (Q235): 6mm thick; Steel plate pressing strip for fixing wear-resistant rubber plate: 3mm thick; Reinforced angle steel: 5 # angle steel; Double layer discharge plate: 10mm thick wear-resistant rubber plate;
        ⑥Operating parameters: Discharge ratio: 87%.

    2、Product structure

        ②Cylinder combination
        ③Discharging plate combination. (The belt conveyor at the discharge plate is a flat idler, where the belt width is greater than the length of the flat idler)
        ④Solenoid valve

    3、Product performance and characteristics

        ①The plow type unloader is installed at the place where the belt conveyor needs to be unloaded, and the bracket spans on both sides of the belt conveyor. The driving execution component (cylinder combination) and plow unloader are assembled directly above the belt conveyor.

       ②When unloading is not required, the cylinder remains in its original retracted state, and the plow unloader combination is lifted.
       ③When unloading is required, an electromagnetic valve is used to indicate the cylinder stretching. The cylinder stretching and plow type unloader combination are used to lower and tighten the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor. Thus achieving the function of unloading.

    4、Main functions and advantages

        ①Function: Realize the unloading function of the middle section of the belt conveyor.

        ②Unloading method: bilateral unloading.
        ③The locking device of the plow head is a mechanical grabbing and pulling type, which can adjust the height of the plow blade to get the best surface close to the belt. During operation, the plow blade will not be unable to lift or shake due to the accumulation of molding sand, avoiding tearing, wear, and coal leakage of the belt.
        ④The installation method is simple and convenient, meeting the operational requirements for subsequent process operation and maintenance.