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Rain shower sander

The rain shower sand adding device is a sand adding device used in the molding station of the lost foam production line. Equipped with evenly distributed sand holes, the molding sand can evenly fall into the sand box, with good dispersion effect and low impact on the yellow mold. At the same time, it can also reduce the labor intensity of workers, and it is fast and easy to operate.


    product display

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    Main technical parameters

    • ① Pneumatic opening and closing, timed sand addition;
    • ②Sand drop speed of 30s/meter Sand drop hole size: φ 30mm;
    • ③Bearing guide;
    • ④16mm high-quality steel plate punching for sand removal board;
    • ⑤Dust removal port φ 300mm;
    • ⑥Cylinder SC125 × 50-S (ADK)/Delixi;
    • ⑦ Compressed air pressure detection.

    Product structure

    The rain shower sand adding device mainly consists of a dust removal port, a fixed plate, a movable pull plate, a lower frame, a cylinder, a guide device, etc.

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    Product performance and advantages

    ①The operation is simple, and the operator only needs to press the "sand adding start" button or the "sand adding stop" button.

    ②Fill the molding sand evenly into the sand box through a rain pouring sand adding method, effectively ensuring that every corner is filled.

    ③The connection between the dust removal port of the sanding machine and the dust removal pipeline can reduce the dust generated during the sanding process and improve the operating environment for workers.

    ④The sander movable pull plate adopts cylinder transmission, with bearings and guide devices at the bottom, which is vibration free, has a solid structure, and operates stably, greatly reducing the equipment failure rate.