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Water Ring Sand Temperature Regulator

The sand temperature regulator is a cooling equipment for lost foam sand treatment, which cools the hot recycled sand to a certain temperature. Automatically adjust the cooling time through PLC to ensure that the sand temperature at the sand outlet meets the usage requirements.


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    Main technical parameters

    • Size: φ2000/φ2500/φ2900×8900;
    • Material: 6mm steel plate welded to 10mm steel plate (Q235);
    • Cooling pipe: φ 48 × 3mm in sand in water form;
    • Sand removal device cylinder model: SC-125 × 50-S;
    • Inlet and outlet: DN100;
    • Temperature measuring device: thermocouple PT100 * 1;
    • Water temperature requirement: ≤ 27 ℃;
    • Effective cooling contact area of a single unit: 220/300/400 ㎡.
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    Product structure

    • Sand temperature regulator upper bucket;
    • Cooling unit;
    • Sand storage unit;
    • Lower cone bucket;
    • Waterway accessories;
    • Sand removal device.

    Main functions and advantages

    Function: Cooling and sand storage. The sand drop device adopts a plug-in method, and the switch of the sand drop device is automatically controlled through PLC and temperature detection device. The sand drop device can only be opened after meeting the sand temperature requirements, ensuring that the molding sand meets the usage temperature. And it can be linked and controlled with the front and rear equipment to ensure the sand temperature of the production line and the normal application of other equipment.

    Energy saving: This equipment does not require power and uses cooling water equipped on the production line. The molding sand wriggles downwards by gravity, achieving the goal of controlling the sand temperature by controlling the falling process.

    No noise: As the equipment does not require power, the molding sand wriggles downwards, so there is basically no noise during use.

    Low one-time investment in equipment: The sand temperature regulator is compatible with sand storage and cooling functions, and the cooling process can store a certain amount of molding sand, providing support for the operation of the production line.

    Node temperature control, effective detection and control of sand temperature: The equipment controls the sand outlet through the sand temperature detection device. Only when the molding sand meets the usage requirements can the plug-in board be opened and the molding sand be transported, effectively ensuring the temperature of the molding sand.

    The equipment has no vibration, a solid structure, and stable operation, greatly reducing the failure rate of the equipment. The sand temperature regulator uses closely arranged seamless steel pipes to achieve sand heat exchange, with a large contact area and high cooling efficiency.