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Baking furnace production line

The baking furnace is mainly composed of furnace body (including furnace lining), electric heating device, furnace car, furnace door, sealing device, hot air circulation system, instrument temperature control and recording system, power system and action control system.


    1. Furnace

    • Furnace bore size: 3200mm×1700mm×1400mm (length × width × height)
    • The steel skeleton: The steel skeleton is made of welded steel, steel plate, etc., which is lightweight and reliable. The door post is composed of channel steel pairs and steel frame of the furnace body. The all-fiber large-plate furnace lining is hung on the steel skeleton, and the furnace adopts the all-fiber large-plate furnace lining, so its steel structure is greatly reduced compared with the traditional firebrick furnace.
    • The baking lining: The baking lining is made of all-aluminum silicate refractory fiber products with excellent thermal insulation performance, with a temperature resistance of up to 700℃. After special construction, it is combined into folding blocks, and finally assembled into the lining through anchoring parts. The thickness of the folding blocks is 150mm, the back is lined with 50mm thick fiber blanket, the total thickness is 200mm, the fiber compression is ≥ 40%, and the layered joints are staggered. The use of full refractory fiber furnace body, its weight is only 1/20 of the refractory brick furnace body, but can save 25 ~ 30 energy, this furnace lining insulation performance is good; Good air tightness; Low heat loss; Smooth wall surface, beautiful appearance; It also has the characteristics of simple installation and short construction time, and the service life is much longer than that of brick furnace. The temperature rise of the outer wall of the furnace shall not exceed the ambient temperature +40℃

    2. Electric heating device

    The resistance belt of the production line is arranged with 100KW and 280KW electric heating elements respectively, each furnace is divided into 2 zones, each furnace has two Y connection groups, a single furnace has 6 phases, and a total of 5 sides are arranged.

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    The new installation method of the electric heating element eliminates the support method of the joist brick, avoids the problem that the furnace wall needs to be dismantled for overhaul due to the fracture of the joist brick, and improves the service life of the equipment.

    3. Furnace car

    The frame of the steel structure of the furnace car is made of section steel, and its rigidity ensures that it does not deform under full load. There is a special sealing structure around the frame to ensure that the furnace car and the furnace body are sealed well and there is no deformation around. It is driven by a motor + reducer + chain drive with reliable structure and long service life.

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    4. furnace door

    The furnace door adopts the water-free cooling structure design of German Lowy company. The structure of the furnace door adopts the fiber labyrinth structure of the furnace door frame and the anti-deformation steel structure of the steel frame. The furnace door frame is made of section steel. The inclined block guide groove and the self-weight of the furnace door are used to press the furnace door automatically.

    5. sealing

    A reasonable and reliable sealing system directly affects the uniformity of temperature and power consumption in the furnace. The furnace adopts a reliable and reasonable sealing structure in the joint parts of the furnace, which can ensure the long-term reliable operation of the trolley type resistance heat treatment furnace. The furnace seal is reasonable and reliable. Compared with similar products, it can save energy about 20%.

    6. Furnace gas circulation stirring device

    This production line is equipped with 4 sets of thermal circulation stirring systems, including 2 sets of centrifugal stirring air blades (material 304) in the oven and 2 sets of pressure stirring air blades (material 2520) in the oven. In order to improve the uniformity of furnace temperature and increase the effect of convective heat transfer, the diameter of the air blades is designed to 400mm to force gas circulation in the furnace.

    7. Instrument temperature control and recording system

    The top of each furnace in this production line is equipped with two temperature-controlled thermocouples. The closed-loop control system consists of temperature control thermocouple, high power power regulator and electric heating element, which divides each furnace into two temperature control zones, automatically controls the temperature of each zone in the furnace, and keeps the temperature uniform in the whole furnace.

    8. Power control system

    The power feeding system adopts the mode of entry and exit bus and branch control, and the total power feeding control adopts automatic switch and manual switch.

    9. Motion control system

    The lifting of the furnace door, the entry and exit of the furnace car, and the opening and closing of the seal are all completed on the operating platform, and there is a reliable electrical chain between each action.