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Mobile vibration table

The mobile compaction table is an indispensable part of the lost foam casting process, which is used to vibrate and compact the sand around the yellow mold during sand embedding molding in the field of lost foam casting. Moreover, the mobile vibration table is equipped with a transport car mechanism, which can transport the vibration table and sand box to the outer side of the sand storage hopper, facilitating modeling and pouring. This vibration table is often used in flexible production lines, and can also be applied to rigid production lines according to actual needs, achieving switching between rigidity and flexibility.


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    Main technical parameters

    • ①Size: 2100×1700×1400;
    • ②Maximum load 4T/6T/12T;
    • ③Total power 5.6/7.2/15KW;
    • ④Bottom vibration motor excitation force 10KN×2/20KN×2/40KN×2;
    • ⑤Side vibration motor excitation force 5KN×4/5KN×4/20KN×4;
    • ⑥Side vibration motor excitation force 5KN×4/5KN×4/20KN×4.

    Product structure

    •  The mobile vibration table mainly consists of clamping devices, vibration mechanisms, rubber spring combinations, walking mechanisms, and other parts

    Main functions and advantages

    ①  The cylinder clamps the sand box to maximize the transmission of excitation force to the sand box.

    ②Equipped with frequency conversion adjustment function, achieving the effect of adjusting the vibration force, used for vibration compaction with different structures and thin and thick parts.

    ③ 3D compaction, good compaction effect, and high production efficiency.

    ④ The vibration frequency is adjusted by the frequency converter, and the operation is simple and easy to maintain.

    ⑤The equipment is controlled through a PLC program and can be linked to control sand addition and vibration time. By setting the frequency, parameters such as excitation force can also be easily adjusted.

    ⑥ Due to its mobile function, it can be switched between inside and outside the production line, and can also be applied to flexible production lines, switching between sand compaction and pouring stations.