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Casting separator

The casting separator is a separation and transportation equipment for lost foam sand treatment. After flipping the box, the casting and sand are sent to the casting separator to quickly separate the sand from the casting. The sand is collected and falls into the next level of sand treatment equipment for recycling. The casting is transported to the outside of the casting separator and transported to the next workstation.


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    Equipment technical parameters

    •  ①Boundary dimension: 4000 × 1800× 1700 (height to be determined based on customer site);
    • ②Sieve plate thickness: 20mm;
    • ③Vibration motor: maximum excitation force: 40KN × 2; Power: 3KW × 2;
    • ④Weight of screened castings: ≤ 200Kg.
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    Standard accessories

    • ①Casting frame (including sand screen plate, inclined chute, and sand baffle);
    • ②Motor support;
    • ③Vibration motor × 2;
    • ④Vibration spring × 8.

    Main functions and advantages

    ①Main functions: separation and transportation.

    ②Quickly separate the molding sand from the casting through a sieve plate, and send the casting out of the casting separator. The molding sand falls into the next level of sand treatment equipment through the hopper.

    ③Easy to operate, with options for fully automatic and manual control. Linkage action with the entire sand processing line during fully automatic control, without the need for worker operation; During manual control, the operator only needs to press the "Start" or "Stop" button.